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About UMNI

Since 2018, Umni helped businesses save thousands of staff hours by digitizing communication with clients and automating frequently asked questions and routine tasks.

Umni converts customer questions into industry-specific trained AI to help businesses automate communication, optimize employee performance, reduce waste of resources, and gain insights about the customers’ behavior for better planning and smarter decision making.

In 2019, Umni created Plovdiv City Concierge – the first AI city chatbot concierge in Bulgaria, for Plovdiv as the European Capital of Culture.

Umni is a graduate of one of the largest and most challenging startup accelerators in Silicon Valley, The Founder Institute (2018). The team successfully completed the startup accelerator for tourism technologies Next Floor Tec in Tourism in Salzburg, Austria (2019), Startup Spotlight (2020).

In November 2019, Umni was included in the Founder Institute Select Portfolio – an elite collection of the top 2% of companies that graduated from this accelerator with the greatest potential for rapid growth and turning into a sustainable, global business.

The Product

The AI Assistant automates customer communication, resulting in benefits for the business, employees, and customers.

✔ Available 24/7
✔ Multilingual
✔ Instant response time
✔ Statistics
✔ Easy to manage
✔ and many more...

The AI
Industry-focused trained AI for turning questions into data and instant response to customers

The Platform
A No-code platform for easy support and speed-up the content management of the AI assistant

Customer Engagement
The AI assistant helps customers to self-service, resulting in building brand loyalty and engagement

Live statistics for customer behavior and the trendiest topic searches, providing data for intelligent decisions

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